Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have more than one child that qualifies for the study since they are between the ages 2½ and 5 years. How can I participate?
  2. Please choose one child that will join you as you become a scientist mommy. Once you enroll, we will ask you to provide information about this child. As you proceed through the study, complete each activity with only one child in mind. For instance, in responding to questions asking about your relationship with your child, in recording you and your child playing together, or in collecting a hair sample, please do so while focusing on this one child.

  3. Can other caregivers such as fathers or grandparents take part in this study?
  4. No, the primary focus of this study is the relationship between you and your child.

  5. I’ve completed an activity as a scientist mommy. How do I move on to the next part of the study?
  6. As you proceed through each part of the study, a member from our team will follow up with you with steps on how you will proceed. You will receive instructions through an email approximately one week after completing each activity.

  7. If my child’s hair is short, how do I collect a hair sample?
  8. In order to measure levels of stress between you and your child, we will be analyzing the segment of hair that is closest to the root. If your child’s hair is too short and you are unable to collect a total of at least 4 inches in length, then you do not have to provide a hair sample.

  9. Can I have someone record the video of my child and I playing together?
  10. We would like you and your child to be playing one-on-one without any distractions. Please station your phone on a surface so that the video will capture the entire space you will be using during this time.

  11. I’m having trouble completing the surveys and brain games on my device, what should I do?
  12. If you are using your mobile phone or Ipad, the links that you receive will not function properly because the tasks are not yet compatible with these devices. Therefore, we ask that you complete the surveys and brain games on a computer. Should you encounter any issues while completing these portions of the study, please email us and a member from our team will get in touch.

  13. How do I send in the hair samples?
  14. Once you have reached the last stage of the study, our team will be mailing you a set of materials that will make collecting, storing, and sending the hair clippings super easy! You will receive the items where you will be packaging the hair as well as envelopes that are ready to send back to the college! We will have them prepped with a stamp and return address. We simply request that you place the envelope in the mail!