We are researchers at the Claremont Colleges and Harvard Medical School, who are interested in understanding children’s development and family experiences during the pandemic. We are going to the source, YOU. Help us understand how emotions, biology, and parenting shape children’s psychological and physical well-being.


To be a scientist mommy, you need to:

  • Have a biological child between the ages of 4 and 6.5 years old who is not diagnosed with a developmental or learning disability.

  • Have reliable internet access.

  • Have no more than 3 children in the family.

  • Have proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding the English language.

We will ask you to help us collect data by participating in three activities:

  • Activity 1: Surveys - We will ask about basic demographics, your experiences during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, parenting style, and your child's personality. The surveys take between 45-60 minutes.

  • Activity 2: Hair sample - We will ask you to send us a small sample of your and your child's hair to measure stress levels.

  • Activity 3: Video chat - We want to "virtually" meet you and your child! We will schedule a short "Zoom" video call with you and your child so that we can capture the way you interact with one another.

After completing each activity, we will follow up with you via email. In 6 months, we will reach out again for another survey and hair sample (but not a 2nd interview).

Compensation (Reward)

Not only will you help us understand how personality, biology, and parenting shape children’s psychological and physical well-being, but you will also receive up to $75 in the form of online gift cards for participating in this study ($25 for each portion: survey, interview, and hair sample).

In the 6 month follow-up, if you decide to participate in the survey and/or hair sample collection again, you would receive another potential $75 ($37.50 for the survey and $37.50 for the hair sample). These payments would be in the form of gift cards with multiple options to choose from.

Please reach out to us using the contact information below!

All data will be secured, and will be kept confidential. Your name and your child’s name will never be used, and it will not be linked to the data in any public manner. Only certified researchers will have access to your data, which will be kept completely anonymous.